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Hometown Savings

Everyone needs a savings account to accumulate funds while building toward other investments. A deposit of only $25.00 is needed to open a savings account. Town & Country Bank encourages all youth to learn to save by waiving the minimum balance service charge fee if the primary owner is under the age of 23 or a non-profit organization. However, regardless of age, we impose a per withdrawal service charge fee of $1.00 after 3 withdrawals.

Money Market Savings 

When you need to maintain access to your larger balances, while earning interest, you may consider our money market savings account. You can make up to six withdrawals each statement cycle without penalty. Minimum balance service charges are waived for accounts that maintain a minimum balance of $2,500 or above, or an average balance of $5,000 or above per statement cycle.

Certificates of Deposit

Earn competitive returns by purchasing our Certificates of Deposit. Certificates are available in terms ranging from 1 month to five years, and higher balances are rewarded with even higher rates. From time to time, CD specials are offered which are outstanding earning opportunities. Give us a call or click on our rates page to see what we are currently offering.

Flex 9 Month CD

A great money management tool, our Flex 9 month CD allows you to make three free withdrawals and continue to deposit funds during the nine-month term of the CD. Upon maturity, you may either redeem the CD or let it renew for another 9 month term at a new rate.

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