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Town & Country Bank does many things to protect you from fraud that you may not know.  Sometimes we even have your card replaced with a new one.
NOT because we were hacked....but because we don't want YOU to be at risk.
Check out the video below to learn more on how Town & Country Bank protects you from fraud.
Our Fraudwatch group is a team of fraud analysts that look at individual spending habits and trends.  When unusual activity occurs they will reach out to you by phone to make sure you authorized the transaction(s) in question.  If Fraudwatch calls you, they will ask you questions to identify yourself but they WON'T ask you for your FULL card number, card expiration date, PIN number, CVC code on the back of your card or your FULL social security number.
If you are planning to travel, please notify us of the dates that you will be traveling so we can add a travel notification to ensure your card will work properly when you are out of state or country.
If your debit card is lost or stolen please notify us immediately.  If we are closed, please contact our after-hours Fraudwatch Hotline, 1-800-264-5578. Our Fraudwatch team will ask a few questions to identify you before they will be able to deactivate your debit card.  Please contact us during normal business hours to report that Fraudwatch has deactivated your card so we can quickly get your replacement card ordered.